Institute of Binary Informatics is an IT institution under the White-Hat Group of institutions. It is an educational institution on “binary technologies”. Hence, any technology that runs on binary digits i.e zeroes and ones, is our scope of research and training. Information Technology being such a field is our stepping-stone towards our journey ahead with a dream to out-stretch the same on the long run with the help of our able trainers and promising students of technology.


The term White-hat Group collectively refers to body that governs over the owner, franchisee owners, club-members & its set of institutions, namely Institute of Binary Informatics and White-Hat Club as-of-date. White-Hat Group came as an after- thought. What was earlier known as White-Hat Club only (which was established in the year 2008), had to open an institution due to the immense request of its club-members to facilitate the awarding of certificates and diplomas...


The WHC (White-Hat Club) is the “first of its kind” Information Technology and Electronics Club in the North-East. Here, every club members get a common platform to learn as well as share their skills on various aspects of Information Technology, Electronics and many other practical, truth-revealing and creative aspects of life with little or no monetary expenditure at all. We are a “self-sustaining” NGO based out of the North-East which is striving to bridge the digital-divide between the North-Eastern states...
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